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The distinctive mix of café, bar and coin laundry

is located in the heart of Ottensen.

In our virtual home we offer our guests

a convenient overview of all of our events -

from live football on DJ programs,

to special occasions such as

readings, release parties & co.

You can also rent the Laundrette

for your parties and events.

We look forward to your inquiries.

We hope you enjoy browsing

and look forward to your visit,

Stephan Fehrenbach &

the Laundrette team

Opening times:

  Daily from 09.00

Sun and Bank Holidays 10.00

Sun-Thu until at least 24.00

Fri - Open End

Sat - Open End

Washing times *

For further questions call:

+49 40 63 73 36 00

  How to find us:

Ottenser Hauptstraße 56

22765 Hamburg

Impressum: Inh. Stephan Fehrenbach, Ottenser Hauptstrasse 56. 22765 Hamburg, Telefon (040) 63733600. E-Mail wirt(at)Laundrette.de. Internet laundrette.de.

Steuernummer 41/059/02811


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